Street Painting Results 

VAE wants to thank all of the artists that took part in this year’s street painting event. Your Participation and amazing chalk drawings help make SPARKcon special and fun each year!
Below are SPARKcon’s 2016 Street Painting Awards for each category:


Best in Show: Technique - Square 145: Esveidy Herrera, Eduardo Herrera, Eliseo Paredes
Best in Show: Creativity- Square 182: Carmen DiVincenzo, Max Schrage, Clara DiVincenzo, Avery Schrage, Jennifer Schrage, Aliza Schrage
Best in Show: Use of Color- Square 155: Carol DiLeo,Jim Nowacki, Sally Conway, Nicole Carroll, Shelby Carroll, Jamie Nowacki
Honorable Mention: Square 152: Izzy Corey, Haley Midkiff, Heidi Midkiff
Honorable Mention: Square 190: Covington Family
Honorable Mention: Square 173: Vanessa York, Aleera York

Middle School

Best in Show: Composition- Square 102: Ligon Middle School- Art Club Students
Best in Show: Use of Color- Square 120: Grace Christian School- Mia Glenn, Amelia Bradley, Evelyn Hawkes
Best in Show: Overall- Square 86: Salem Middle School- Allison Wilcox
Honorable Mention: Square 103: Ligon Middle School- Art Club Students
Honorable Mention: Square 114: Mills Park Middle School- Youssef Bohnkiba, Quinn Apostolico
Honorable Mention: Square 136: Mills Park Middle School- Rachael-Grace Arrington

High School

Best in Show: Design- Square 24: Athens Drive High School- Adrian Antunez, Georgia Shore, Cassidy Grace
Best in Show: Technique- Square 78: Millbrook High School
Best in Show: Use of Color- Square 11: Raleigh Charter High School-  Al, Laurel
Honorable Mention: Square 64: Longleaf School of the Arts
Honorable Mention: Square 5: Wake Field High School-  Awa Ali, Allison Dodge
Honorable Mention: Square 52: Apex High School- Tess Weigmann, Sarah Dunn


Best in Show: Craftsmanship- Square 276: Wake Technical Community College & North Carolina State University- Emily Williams, Melissa Fehnel
Best in Show: Most Expressive- Square 280: UNC Chapel Hill, NCSU, & JCC- Taylor Gurganus, Macy Massengill, Amber Johnson
Best in Show: Best Collaboration- Square 298: NCSU- Jackie Halula, Blair Torres
Honorable Mention: Square 278: Wake Technical Community College- Layla Meyer
Honorable Mention: Square 275: Wake Technical Community College- Loren Wolfe, Aaron Bowman
Honorable Mention: Square 277: Living Arts College- Terrelle Dominique Smith


Best in Show: Most Creative- Square 223: Caroline Caldwell, Shep Byran
Best in Show: Craftsmanship- Square 204: Soniya Hardy
Best in Show: Most Timely- Square 253: Patricia Woodhull
Honorable Mention: Square 272: Alex Stieglitz
Honorable Mention: Square 287: Tracy Valdez, Michelle Valladarez
Honorable Mention: Square 269: Lexi Taylor, Maddie Smith

Questions? Email Erika Corey.

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