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Design your own SPARKlet!

A SPARKlet is a specially designed parklet just for SPARKcon in Raleigh NC.

A parklet is an extension of vibrant urban space, a guerilla urbanism takeover of parking spaces to create a miniature park. Parklets bring art, seats, plantings and more amenities to the sidewalk and adding vibrancy and life to the street. Many parklets are temporary. We’ve reserved spots on Davie and Martin Streets during SPARKcon and you are invited to design and build your own parklet!

Registration Fee: $25

A jury of Raleigh designers will give out awards to the best SPARKlets and the winning SPARKlet will stay up all week!

September 2 at noon: Registration Deadline
September 5: Designs that earned a Build Spot are announced
September 16: BUILD DAY
September 16-18: DISPLAY SPARKlet during SPARKcon
September 17: Judging and Awards
September 19-24: Winning Parklet stays up all week!

There are a limited number of parking spaces available to build SPARKlets. Based on this application, the designSPARK team will notify all applicants the teams that have been chosen to continue to the build phase. Those teams will be invited to build their very own SPARKlet as part of designSPARK!

Please remember that even though these temporary parklets will not need to be permitted, they should still adhere as closely as possible to the City of Raleigh’s design standards for parklets. That will make it easy to leave the winning design up all week!

Design Standards:
– No wider than parking stall width
– Maximum length of 2 parking spaces
– Load bearing to a max of 750 lb per square foot
– Must use non-combustible materials in primary and secondary fire districts
– Create buffers between adjacent parking and the street
– Wheel stops between adjacent parallel parking space and Parklet
– Reflective elements at Parklet corners
– ADA accessible
– Must not impede curbside drainage
– Designed for easy removal (24 hour notice)
– No advertisements
– Donor and material sponsor signage permitted with restrictions (no logos, maximum size of 1’ by 1’ and placed on Parklet adjacent to curb)
– Must be open to the public with supporting signage

Design Guidelines:
– Visually distinguishable from any adjacent cafes
– Visually permeable and connected to the street
– Includes fixed and moveable seating
– Includes plantings with year-round interest
– Bicycle parking is encouraged
– Suggested use of local, sustainable materials

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