Here is the official list of events for this year:


  • SPARKcon afterDARK: A Night of Burlesque, Boylesque, Adult Cirque & Erotic Poetry @10pm-12am
    What happens after the lights go out and the kids go home?  SPARKcon afterDARK! Join us for the 5th annual showcase of local talent that is too tantalizing for public viewing, including live body painting, burlesque, boylesque, adult cirque & erotic poetry. Tipping performers is strongly encouraged (bring cash money).  Photography not permitted.  Ooo La La!


  • Magical Mystery Circus Parade to the Mainstage @7pm
    Smile and Wave!!!  The instructions are easy and the entertainment high!  Meet us at the corner of Martin Street and Fayetteville street if you would like to join the circusSPARK parade.  All are welcome to join!!  We will parade to the mainstage at City Plaza, where the circusSPARK show will begin at 7:30pm.  This is your chance to join the circus!
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow circusSPARK Show @7:30pm-8:45pm
    Acrobats, jugglers and an army of stilt walkers, oh my!  Follow the yellow brick road to City Plaza for the 5th annual circusSPARK showcase of local talent.  This year’s theme is Wizard of Oz meets Alice in Wonderland meets Talking Heads…and they all go the circus!  Arrive early to get a good seat for the most amazing show on Earth!
  • circusSPARK Rainbows & Reflections Fashion Show @ 8:45-9:30pm
    The most magical runway you will ever set eyes on.  Our fashion is innovative, artistic, unreal, surreal, imaginary, confusing and sometimes shocking.  Our models are fierce, playful, whimsical, and always entertaining.  Way too fun for New York Fashion Week and just weird enough for Raleigh’s own SPARKcon…this is the circusSPARK Fashion Show of Rainbows and Reflections.  You don’t want to miss this over the (big)top display of accessories and the unique bodies that adorn them.
  • Fire Conclave: Tribal Rhythms and Dance @ 10pm-11pm
    circusSPARK will turn Fayetteville street into a tribal conclave of music, dance and fire!


  • Youth Aerial Silks Interactive Play @11am-3pm
    Does your child love to hang upside down? Love to monkey around? The aerial silks are a fun fabric apparatus that kids of all ages can climb and wrap themselves in.  Cirque de Vol Studios will be providing demos on the silks throughout the afternoon that include instruction of simple and playful poses in the safety of a low to the ground aerial nest.
    **Ages 5+ are very welcome when accompanied by an adult.
  • Tarot Card Reading Under the Big Top Tent @12pm-3pm
    Drop by the circusSPARK Big Top Tent and sign up for a tarot card reading with Toni Craige.
  • Parkour Coaching @12pm-2pm
    Test your strength, balance, and coordination by learning parkour with Enso Movement! Parkour coaches will teach you how to maneuver through obstacles with jumping and vaulting! No experience is necessary for you to learn how to navigate your body up, over, under, and through obstacles.
  • Open Play Parkour Jam @2pm-3pm
    Hang out and play with Enso Movement coaches and students as they jump, crawl, climb, and vault through a jungle of obstacles.
  • Open Play Hoop Jam w/ The Raleigh Drum Circle @3pm-5pm
    Get ready to move to the beat of the drum and spin your hula hoop at our fifth annual circusSPARK hoop jam! Come learn the basics or explore new tricks! Enjoy an afternoon moving those hips and spinning your hoop. Bring your own hoop or borrow one of ours. A great family event, we’ll provide hoops of all sizes. Open to children of all ages :)
  • The Shipwrecked Circus: Aerial Arts Show pt. I @5pm-5:45pm
    Watch aerial artists from around the Triangle tell the story of a castaway circus troupe, lost at sea, and stranded on the mysterious Isle of Enso. Featuring trapeze and lyra dancers, and special parkour guests.  A Family friendly adventure with a high flying twist.
  • Parkour Stunt Show @6pm-6:45pm
    Far away from any civilization, follow the story of two best friends as they run across and are captured by a parkour tribe hidden in the jungles on the Mysterious Isle of Enso.
  • Aerial Show w/ Silks Performers pt. II @7pm-7:45
    Watch aerial artists from around the Triangle tell the story of a castaway circus troupe, lost at sea, and stranded on the mysterious Isle of Enso. Featuring aerial dancers on silk fabric and special parkour guests. This is a family friendly adventure with a high flying twist.
  • Bodies in Motion @8pm-8:30
    The Bodies Show will demonstrate some of the amazing abilities of the human body.  This exhibition will feature artists of dance, parkour, acrobatics, gymnastics and more.  All acts will be performed without the use of props.
  • Circus Sideshow @8:30pm-9pm
    According to Wikipedia, “mainstream media often explain fanciful methods of performing [sideshow] acts, but the real secret was usually that there is no secret, you just do it. Such acts include fire eating, sword swallowing, knife throwing, body piercing, lying on a bed of nails, walking up a ladder of sharp swords, and more.”
  • Circus Fire Show: A Tribute to Queen @9pm-10pm
    Circus performers play with fire to the sound of Queen, fusing all of your favorite hits into one epic performance that would make Freddie Mercury proud.  70’s Disco Dance party to follow!
  • 70’s Disco Dance Party w/ DJ 40oz @10pm-11pm
    Dust off your bellbottoms, fringe vests, and leisure suits for Saturday night with circusSPARK. Bringing boogie nights to the streets of Raleigh, get your soul train on at this 70’s Disco Dance Party. As we play that funky music, shake your groove thing in this boogie wonderland. We’ll be jive talking and grooving, can you dig it?


  • Prana Flow (street)Yoga @10am-11am
    Start your morning off right, connecting breath and movement through this intelligent, creative vinyasa with Katie. Find your flow as we breath in and out of asanas, feeling the juiciness of the body and the delight that resides within. All are welcome; bring your yoga mat (we will have a few to lend).  Katie teaches regularly at Cirque de Vol Studios in the Celestine Sanctuary.
  • Ecstatic Dance @11am-12pm
    Ecstatic Dance is a judgement free space for free-form movement /dance inspired by music. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching! Come allow your body to move freely without judgment or concern for the “grace” or beauty of the dance. No dance experience or partner is necessary. This is a perfect outlet for those who think they “can’t dance” and for experienced dancers alike.  Cirque de Vol will provide a live DJ.
  • Flow Circus Street Busking @12pm-1pm
    Enjoy an impromptu street performance (also known as busking) by Paul Miller from Flow Circus and others from the circusSPARK community.  These acts will need lots audience participation so bring your friends!
  • Open Play Circus Jam @1pm-3pm
    Join circusSPARK for a free-flowing circus jam on Sunday! Bring your favorite circus tool or borrow one of ours. Be prepared for juggling, hooping, poi, hat manipulation, and other circus props. Share your skills or learn something new. Embrace the creative flow!
  • Flash Mob Banana Dance Parade @2pm
    Everyone’s invited to go B-A-N-A-N-A-S as we descend upon the streets of SPARKcon, flashmob style! Meet at the circus bus in your brightest yellow outfit and bring your dancing shoes! We’ll practice easy choreography, follow the leader style, and then parade through the streets, spreading banana cheer to all SPARKcon attendees. Remember, bananas have to stay with the bunch– all inflatable bananas must be returned to circusSPARK.


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