SPARKs are encouraged to hold open calls for talent for their events. This will help ensure we are showcasing a wide-range of talent. BUT, you are also welcome to put together talent in other ways, for example a curated exhibition, a committee-built project, an artist that creates something for SPARKcon outside of any calls or an invitation-only program.

Most 2014 SPARKcon calls for talent will be online, through Eventbrite or Google Surveys. In addition to the online application, each SPARK is encouraged to create a hard copy call for talent.

In order to get your call for talent online, please fill out the “call for talent template”  and return it to VAE staff. After we have reviewed it, you can start to build your call. If you are charging an admission fee, we will send you access to Eventbrite. If you aren’t charging a fee, you can go ahead with google, just send us a link to the call. To get started contact Chase Bryan!

Hot tips:

Use the “call for talent template” as a guideline when creating the hard copy of your call for talent.

All forms must include the required fields (indicated with an asterisk). For additional fields, make sure to adhere to the guidelines. Each SPARK will have different requirements and informational needs, so modify the form as needed to fit with your SPARK.

Make sure you include a talent release in your call! It is so much easier than getting them to fill it out after they are accepted.


Eventbrite is an online event registration software. Through Eventbrite, all of the information from your call for talent will be catalogued and can be exported in an Excel spreadsheet. We think this will be a great tool for several reasons. It’s easy for applicants to use, cuts down on paper and reduces the amount of time your SPARK has to spend inputting your entries.

  • Through Event you can create different types of questions. These are the basic question types: Freeform response: The applicant types their information. We can limit the number of characters. Use this question type for a name, address, bio, etc.
  • Multiple choice: Applicant selects from a list of answers you have created.
    • Choose one: Applicant can choose only one response. You could use this question type to ask how the applicant will submit their images (option 1 might be on a CD, option 2 might be via email).
    • Choose multiple: Applicant can choose as many responses as they like. You could use this question type to ask what dates & times an applicant is available.

For most calls for talent, just take the form that your SPARK has filled out and turn it into a survey using the question types that fit most logically with the requested information. If your call is more complicated, we will work with you directly to determine the survey format that works best.

If you need images, music files or other digital assets, please have them email you or set up a dropbox, google drive or similar and create instructions for applicants to follow. Staff would be happy to boss you around about how to do this!


SPARKcon recommends a nominal entry fee ($5-10) per application. This makes sure your applicants are serious (and not spambots), and it can raise some money for your SPARK. For some SPARKs, it may make sense to charge a vendor fee rather than an entry fee, or you might charge both. For example bazaarSPARK might charge a $5 entry fee and a $45 vendor fee, the latter of which would only be for accepted entries and would cover tents, tables, etc. tastySPARK might only charge a vendor fee, assuming all of the applicants will be accepted to participate in the event (i.e. participation is non-juried).

If you are charging a fee, use Eventbrite, which has an easy payment tool integrated. Entry fees will then be earmarked for your SPARK.

You can also provide the option for applicants to pay with cash, check or money order. All checks should be made out to SPARKcon or VAE with “xxxSPARK entry fee” on the memo line. Each SPARK will be responsible for tracking their entry fees and submitting checks to SPARKcon.


Your  can check in with your application anytime with Eventbrite and google. If you offered it as an option, we will ask you to follow up with anyone who has offered to pay with cash or check periodically. Each SPARK will be in charge of tracking their entry fees and reporting to SPARKcon.

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