SPARKcon is a multi-day, multi-discipline, multi-venue  festival that celebrates creativity AND accessibility! All SPARKcon events are free and open to everyone. Many of the events happening over the weekend are physically and programmatically accessible.

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An accessibility guide has been created to help visitors get the most out of their SPARKcon experience. The guide points to events happening over the course of the weekend that are especially accessible but does not cover all of the exciting activities SPARKcon has to offer. The guide categorizes events by whether they happen indoors or outdoors, have visual or auditory components, are loud or quiet, tactile and kid friendly!

Click here to download a copy of the access SPARKcon guide to plan your visit!

Fayetteville Street and the first block of all side streets will be blocked off for the festival. Wilmington and Salisbury Streets will remain open. The South end of Fayetteville street is open for drop-off at the Marriott, there is a traffic director posted at the intersection of Fayetteville and W Lenoir Steet. Drop-off is also available at available parking spots along Morgan Street where it intersects the North end of Fayetteville Street at the State Capitol Building. The closest intersection to the Information Tent is at Salisbury and W Martin Street near Capital Club 16.

The Moore Square Bus Station is located at 214 S Blount Street, 1.5 blocks from the heart of SPARKcon.

Street parking surrounding the footprint of SPARKcon is free on both Saturday and Sunday. Street parking is available on Friday, just be sure to pay your meter! The parking meter does have a “Handicapped Parking Option” which allows visitors displaying a handicapped placard or license plate. There is no time limit on a Handicapped Payment, so there is no need to move your car again, although you do still have to pay $1 per hour of parking.
Parking decks are available all three days, although parking fees may vary. See all available parking decks in Downtown Raleigh. Decks closest to the SPARKcon footprint include: Alexander Square, Charter Square, Hannover, Convention Center Underground, Moore Square Decks!

A great place to start your SPARKcon experience is at the Information Tent, at the intersection of Martin and Fayetteville Streets. There you can pick up a full schedule of weekend events,  a printed version of the access SPARKcon guide, and ask friendly helpers any questions you might have about the weekend!

Over half of the events taking place at SPARKcon are on the street level with the roads closed off to motor vehicles starting Friday evening. While this means that some areas of the streets and sidewalks can get crowded, all street-level activities are physically accessible. Do note that some streets have a slight uphill pitch to them, especially the side streets: Martin, Davie, and Hargett. Street Painting provides a great connector between events, even if they happen to take place three blocks apart. In the evenings Raleigh’s team of rickshaw drivers can be a great option for moving from one event to another in a cost-effective way.

Street level accessible restrooms (portable toilets) are located on W Hargett and W Davie Streets. Many of the indoor venues have their own accessible restrooms located within the facility.

As hard as we try to make all of SPARKcon’s 200+ events as accessible as possible there are some venues with accessibility challenges. Programming happening upstairs at Morning Times Gallery, The Hive (at Busy Bee), and Kings are not physically accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Berkeley Cafe - 919.828.9190
CAM Raleigh – 919.261.5920
City of Raleigh Museum - 919.996.2220
Crude Bitters – 919-391-8185
Deep South the Bar - 919.833.1255
Flight – 919.256.6856
Kings - 919.833.1091
Krav Maga Raleigh - 919.602.3923
London Bridge Pub – 919.838.6633
Morning Times - 919.836.1204
NC Museum of History - 919.807.7900
Raleigh Raw – 919.400.0944
Red Hat Annex - 919.754.3700
The Mahler Fine Art - 919.896.7503
The Pour House Music Hall - 919.821.1120
VAE Raleigh - 919.256.6856

VAE works hard to make all of its programming accessible to everyone! If you have additional questions, comments or would like to join the general conversation about accessibility in the arts, email Brandon or call 919.256.6856.

SPARKcon partnered with Arts Access to create the access SPARKcon guide in 2014, and their guidance has been invaluable! Arts Access is a Raleigh-based non-profit focused on making the arts accessible to people with disabilities.