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The biggest runway fashion show in Raleigh featuring 10 emerging designers from across the Triangle

ChasefashionSPARK Wear What You Are

fashionSPARK 2013 recap


They looked SO good! fashionSPARK Sponsors Presented by :   Premier Sponsors: Stylist Sponsors: High Style Sponsors:     Gallery Glam Sponsors:        Kateri Riley   fashionSPARK Organizers Erica Porter Christa Baysden Christine McCallum-Randalls Letisha Perry Whitney Robinson Madeline Kamal Autumn Baptiste Bobo Deng Rebecca Lakey Renee Baker 2013 Fashion Show Designers LeNeva by Candice Organ Jfaith by Jessica Palmer (featured designer) … Read More

ChasefashionSPARK 2013 recap


fashionSPARK’s Wear What You Are fashion show is the largest and most popular annual fashion event in the Triangle! Also, enjoy our Jewelry & Accessories Trunk Show, featuring work by the area’s most talented jewelry & accessories designers. 2016 Presenting Sponsor         Calls for Talent Our 2017 Calls for Designers are now open!! Wear What You Are Show date: … Read More

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Teaser! SPARK XI!


Organizers this year have started planning the following activities for artists to participate in:   artSPARK: 700 streetpainters, art galleries, art installations and kids activities. bazaarSPARK: Street bazaar of 50+ artists and designers. circusSPARK: Acrobats, aerialists, firedancers, jugglers and parkour acrobats perform and host workshops. comedySPARK: Comedy and improv showcases and stand-up on the R-Line public bus. geekSPARK: Interactive media … Read More

Sarah PowersTeaser! SPARK XI!

SPARKcon explained – at least a little


Planning for SPARKcon is year-round. Each month, VAE hosts open meetings where representatives from each SPARK report on their progress. The meetings are a forum to share ideas and resources. All meetings are open to the public and the entire community is actively invited to participate in the planning of the event. To ensure success for the volunteer organizers, VAE … Read More

Sarah PowersSPARKcon explained – at least a little

SPARKcon stars – stories of success

RachelBerbec_fashionspark4 (1 of 1)

SPARKcon features thousands of artists and creative types each year. Our organizers put together showcases of talented folks and work hard to connect the creative folks to the greater community. We have seen artists get their start at SPARKcon and go on to do amazing things. We have seen organizers make career transitions after gaining skills at SPARKcon. New business … Read More

Sarah PowersSPARKcon stars – stories of success

SPARK XI meetings get serious and SWANK


Last Monday’s General Meeting was SWANK. Perhaps, it was because House of Swank was there to get the low down how to participate this year – maybe even as a venue on the footprint! But back to the story, the general meeting….our “bobblettes,” from fashionSPARK and artSPARK talked fundraising. Lame? Not at all. It takes an upward of $10,000 to … Read More

Sarah PowersSPARK XI meetings get serious and SWANK

March madness you’ll want to know about

Keith Kissel_bannans

SPARKs report on ideas from their February committee meetings about the kinds of activities they are thinking about and present a broad report on what they want to accomplish.

Sarah PowersMarch madness you’ll want to know about


Check out what people are saying about SPARKcon WRAL – SPARKcon, Farm Aid lead weekend best bet N&O – In its 9th year, SPARKcon still fluid, flexible and free IndyWeek – SPARKnotes: What to see at SPARKcon 2014 More WRAL – SPARKcon brings art in all its forms to Raleigh Inquisitr – Behold The Awesomeness Of Raleigh’s Annual Creative Festival, … Read More



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