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They looked SO good! fashionSPARK Sponsors Presented by :   Premier Sponsors: Stylist Sponsors: High Style Sponsors:     Gallery Glam Sponsors:        Kateri Riley   fashionSPARK Organizers Erica Porter Christa Baysden Christine McCallum-Randalls Letisha Perry Whitney Robinson Madeline Kamal Autumn Baptiste Bobo Deng Rebecca Lakey Renee Baker 2013 Fashion Show Designers LeNeva by Candice Organ Jfaith by Jessica Palmer (featured designer) … Read More

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fashionSPARK Calendar The fashionSPARK fashion show is the largest and most popular annual fashion event in the Triangle! This year, also enjoy jewelrySPARK, a trunk show featuring work by the area’s most talented jewelry designers. fashionSPARK calendar presented by  

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Check out what people are saying about SPARKcon WRAL – SPARKcon, Farm Aid lead weekend best bet N&O – In its 9th year, SPARKcon still fluid, flexible and free IndyWeek – SPARKnotes: What to see at SPARKcon 2014 More WRAL – SPARKcon brings art in all its forms to Raleigh Inquisitr – Behold The Awesomeness Of Raleigh’s Annual Creative Festival, … Read More

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Brand & Visual Rules

Branding and Logos Writing SPARK names: The first thing to remember is that “SPARK” is always all caps, and “con” is always attached to SPARK (one word) with lowercase letters. Correct: SPARKcon Wrong: SparkCon, SPARKCON SPARK names are written with “SPARK” all caps and the SPARK name all lowercase. Correct: fashionSPARK, artSPARK, circusSPARK, etc Wrong: FashionSPARK, Fashion SPARK, etc Website … Read More

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Get Involved/Calls for Talent

Calls for Talent artSPARK Exhibition: July 31st @ 11:30pm bazaarSPARK Call for Vendors : closed circusSPARK main stage, fire + conclave : Continually comedySPARK: August 6 danceSPARK : July 1st  fashionSPARK Runway + Trunk Show — closed ideaSPARK: Continually musicSPARK — closed   SPARKcon is completely run and organized by volunteers! Come to a general planning meeting and be part of the … Read More

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Reserved seating for the Fashion Show!

photo by Chris Walt

We are less than a week out from the start of SPARKcon 2013! As with all of SPARKcon the fashionSPARK fashion show is free to attend, BUT you can sponsor the show to receive a reserved seating! Check out the Eventbrite info and reserve your seat today!

adminReserved seating for the Fashion Show!


fashionSPARK Calendar

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fashionSPARK Calendar fashionSPARK is presented by   fashionSPARK Organizers Erica Porter (Lead Organizer) Christine McCallum-Randalls Whitney Robinson Madeline Kamal Bobo Deng Rebecca Lakey Renee Baker Austen High Alexis Holmes Andrew Lewis Angel Feimster-Montoya Dana Oliver Olivia Sills  

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Call for Talent

fashionSPARK Calendar Our 2015 Call for Talent has closed. Congratulations to the selected designers! We hope to see you on Saturday, September 19th at 8PM in City Plaza for our Wear What You Are show and Friday, September 18th at 8pm for our Jewelry Trunk Show at Visual Art Exchange.

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